P&P and Buttermilked = Engagement Perfection

3 months ago

Petal & Paper Stationery and a Buttermilked cake really does equal Engagement Party Perfection.

On the 31st of March this year I went in for a major operation: spinal fusion surgery. This surgery was about 6 hours long and involved my (highly skilled) surgeon placing rods and screws into 3 levels of my spine where there should’ve been some discs but there wasn’t. The fusion includes taking bone from your hip and putting it in the spaces where the discs are supposed to be so that over time, the 3 levels become a solid mass of bone and (hopefully) reduce pain and increase mobility.

During my 6 weeks off work for recovery, Eric, my love and live-in partner asked me to be his wife! I wrote about it here (ring pictures included 😱😍).

We’ve just celebrated our engagement party and I wanted to share with you the stationery I designed for it, and brag talk about how amazing our cake was!!

Having worked in the wedding industry for a while, I understand allll the ins and outs of wedding expenses and why things cost so much. But at the same time, I think, collectively the cost of a wedding these days is just bloody ridiuclous, if I can be so bold. I am a savvy shopper (or I like to think I am) and so I know that sticking to a budget is something I really need to do because otherwise I literally just go buy all of kmart and realise I’m verging on being homeless later. I did my research on my cakes. I also know a few rad cake makers in the industry and so I geninely feel awful when I can’t employ all their services because I’m all about supporting the small local businesses. However, I did find a small local business so I am still sticking to what I believe in. This small local business is called Buttermilked.

I originally had to do a double take at the price of their cakes because I couldn’t believe they were so cheap! If I’m honest, this factor, combined with my love for semi-naked drip cakes is why I chose Buttermilked for our Engagement Party cake. Naomi was very helpful from the start and not shy of communication and asking any questions I had. We’ve already decided on a wedding colour palette and a simple flick of some inspiration shots gave Naomi some colours to work with. The end result was BEAUTIFUL. We got so many comments about how gorgeous our cake was! But more importantly, was it delicious? Heck yes it was. AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS.

Cake Stats
Top Tier: 6 inch white chocolate mud with vanilla ganache
Bottom Tier: 8 inch with chocolate mud with chocolate ganache
Total mouths fed: Approx 50 (with leftovers for the next two days – or more if we didn’t have such large servings heheh)
Macarons (extra deliciousness) for decoration (and eating)
Cake topper bought from Etsy

Engagement Party Cake, Petal & Paper, Wedding Stationery, Wedding Cake, Buttermiked, Brisbane Weddings, P&P Buttermilked Engagement

What. A. Beauty. The picture doesn’t do it justice to be honest. For one, it was taken with a phone and defintely wasn’t styled against a white background or any of those pro-styling tips. But it was gorgeoussssss. And since I know I’m onto a good thing, Buttermiked is already booked for our wedding! Heck. Yes. I want to eat it now.

Stationery Stats
Menus (Drink Menu + Feast Menu)
Welcome Sign
Designed by yours truly

Engagement Party Invitation, Petal & Paper, Wedding Stationery, Brisbane Weddings, P&P Buttermilked Engagement
Engagement Party Invitation, Petal & Paper, Wedding Stationery, Brisbane Weddings, P&P Buttermilked Engagement
Engagement Party Invitation, Petal & Paper, Wedding Stationery, Brisbane Weddings

The party itself was wonderful. I am an introvert to the core so the times when I see my family and friends in a big group is a little daunting to me, but always leaves my heart feeling full and my soul feeling happy. And to spend it celebrating the future of my very own fairytale makes it all the more special!