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1 Year Ago: Polka Dot Bride

1 Year Ago Polka Dot Bride rang my email bell. It’s so amazing how much things change in only a year. Thankfully, we have Facebook that tells us literally every day exactly how much everything has changed with a sneaky feature we can’t even opt out of called “MEMORIES”.

Good or bad, sure enough, whether it’s 10 years ago or 365 days ago, Facebook is here to remind you of it. Luckily for me, I went through an angsty deletion of my own Facebook a couple of years ago in retaliation to my life in general. This was really just a blessing in disguise, for many reasons. At least now, I’m not reminded of all the mistakes I made, my weird selfie phase and all the people who have come and gone from my life. Today was a good reminder though because this day, a year ago, I was interviewed in an “Interview with the Experts” by Polka Dot Bride, one of my all time favourite wedding blogs! Loose definition on the term “Expert” though as I’ve only been doing wedding stationery collectively for about 2 years now (and have also obviously changed names) 😂

Things that are still true

  • Still can’t draw or paint
  • Still very rare that stationery is featured in wedding photos, but at least everyone’s getting better at flat lays so we can show our talents off even though we’re all dark and mysterious behind the scenes
  • Internet is still my bestie
  • Still really like thick cotton card, nothing in a year has come close to beating it
  • Foils and letterpress – still hot
  • Fiji is still the most favourite place to vacation (mostly because I have legit not gone anywhere since 😑)
  • Added to my (that then became “our”) collection of “the best things since fur” with another furbaby by the name of Archie, he is a cool little dude 🐱🐱

Things that are defs no longer true

  • What was I thinking of when I did a ready-made collection? No one ever wants ready-made. It’s all custom, custom, custom! (And I love it)
  • No longer work with Jess (but true, that she was and still is, a STAR)
  • Although I still have a medical condition, it is no longer limiting because I had some badass spinal fusion surgery and basically I’m now Wolverine 💪
  • Eric is no longer boyfriend material and more like HUSBAND MATERIAL because someone put a ring on it 😆💍

If you would like to read the full transcript, click here.

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