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Welcome to 2018!

2017 was a big year for Petal & Paper, and definitely not in terms of volumes of work or profits haha! We took a pretty big hiatus while I (Elly) had a 3 level spinal fusion to correct some missing discs in the bottom of my spine which were causing immobility and lots of pain. So now that I have 8 screws in my spine and some serious metal work to go with it, we’re back at it!

Now that recovery is all basically done and over with, it’s time to focus my energies back onto the one thing I love more than most things (cats/donuts not included) – WEDDINGS!

It’s also time that I spruced up the website and got back into the social media swing of things!

My fiancé Eric and I went on a holiday to Tasmania a couple of weeks ago and when we got back, we decided that the original blow-out wedding we initially had started planning was no longer a reflection of what we wanted. Maybe it was the health issues, or the growth we experienced as a couple and as individuals, but basically our priorities have changed and we would now love to travel more than simply spending the equivalent of a trip to Europe, on what is effectively about 12 hours of drinking, eating and dancing. As great as that sounds, and by no means am I trying to insult those who still want to splash out on a gorgeous wedding, it’s just not really our thing anymore. We’ve certainly hopped on the new trend of “micro-weddings” (as much as we hate to admit it, because we’re both FAR from trendy) and can’t wait until the 10th of March, 2018!

For now I’m keeping all the details under wraps because I plan to do a pretty awesome blog about OUR OWN WEDDING when the time comes 😆 We’ve got some pretty amazing vendors booked and I’m so excited. March is a special time for us, it’s my birthday, Eric’s birthday (almost!), our anniversary and also the anniversary of my surgery. What better way to celebrate!

I’ve also got my first styled shoot booked for 2018 as well and I’m very excited to work with some new industry people. The only thing I always regret about styled shoots is that I can rarely make it to be there in person as I also maintain a full time job as a Senior Graphic Designer. This means any shoots during the week, I’m out of luck 😭 this also means I have to place 100% trust in the process leading up to it, and hope to high heavens I’ve captured the essence of what we’re all trying to acheive without actually seeing it all come together in person. It’s also a high faith stake for the vendors asking me to be a part of it because of this. So every opportunity I get, I jump at because I know the challenges that come with not being a vendor who gets to pull it all together in a beautiful manner on the day of the shoot.

But yay! Very exciting.

So thank you for everyones love and support over 2017 and helping me through the challenges it brought. Hopefully 2018 will be a year I can really re-focus on Petal & Paper and connect with new brides and new vendors and, of course, celebrate my own special day! 😍

Thanks for reading, supporting and staying with me.

♥ єℓℓу ♥

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